Document/Object Versions Handling (v. 23.2)

Since we have a new and better way of keeping versions in the form of the Track Changes system, starting with version 2023.2 and onward we will not be supporting the old tables that were taking care of the same task before.
The following systems are getting deprecated:

- Document Versions - which keeps the old versions of the documents

- Object Versions - which keeps the old versions of:

  • Products
  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Persons
  • Companies
  • Calculated Attributes
  • Business Rules
  • Classic Projects 
  • Classic Project Tasks
  • Enterprise Companies
  • Document Types
All records which were in the tables prior to the change will remain there but no new records are going to be saved in the deprecated tables. Only the Track Changes system is going to be used going further as it is the better way of handling versions.
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