A new "Inoice" button is added to the "Print On Fiscal Printer" panel (v. 24)

In version 24, a new "Invoice" button has been added to the sales panel "Print On Fiscal Printer". It allows for easy creation of an invoice for the current sale.

The button operates in several ways:

If a receipt has not yet been printed, the receipt is first printed and then the invoice is created and displayed on the screen.
If the receipt has already been printed, it simply creates the invoice and displays it on the screen.
If an invoice already exists or more than 5 days have passed since the receipt was printed, the button is inactive.

The button's functionality heavily depends on the configuration of the document flow. It is expected that there will be a planned store order in the flow, which is released first. Afterward, a invoicing order with a configured manual document route for invoice creation is sought out.

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