WMS: Optimizing Worker Assignment (v.24)


In Version 24, we have introduced several key features aimed at streamlining the worker assignment process, making our system more efficient and user-friendly.


In the 'WMS Worker' module, we have not only listed the Released orders but also Planned and Firm Planned orders.

The concept here is that only the Planned and Firm Planned orders can be processed without the need for a Worker. On the other hand, Released orders must be associated with a Worker. We enforce this requirement through a new business rule called 'Required Warehouse Worker'.

The rule's definition can be found below: R35021 WarehouseOrder - Required Warehouse Worker | ERP.net Domain Model


Streamlined Worker Assignment:
If an order has an assigned worker, it will appear in the "Assigned to me" section, regardless of its status—be it Planned, Firm planned, or Released. Workers simply need to click 'Start' to commence work. - Start | ERP.net Web Client

In cases where an order lacks an assigned worker, it will be visible to all workers in the "Unassigned" section. Should a worker choose to take on the task, they can do so with the 'Take' button. Upon clicking 'Take,' the 'WMS Worker' will automatically assign and initiate the order for this worker. - Take | ERP.net Web Client

Take and Start.jpg
UI Functions:
In addition to these fundamental changes, we've introduced two user interface functions accessible through the Web client:

  1. Assign Worker: This function is accessible for New, Planned, and Firm Planned documents. It allows users to assign a worker and save the changes seamlessly. For more details, refer to the Assign worker | ERP.net Tech Docs Worker UI function documentation.

  2. Change Worker: This function, available for Released documents, enables users to change the assigned worker by making an adjustment. More information on this can be found in the Change worker | ERP.net Tech Docs

    Assign Worker.jpg

With these enhancements, managing worker assignments in your warehouse has never been more efficient. Stay tuned for further updates, and don't hesitate to explore our comprehensive documentation for a more in-depth understanding of these features.

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