Automatic telemetry collection in our desktop client (v. 23) has always acted as a very fast and efficient system, especially taking into account the amount of data it serves. However, as any other system, it may experience some delays every now and then. These delays may just be annoying or they may interrupt the normal business workflows. 
Historically, when we were notified about such issues, we had to collect different pieces of statistical information from the system to try to identify the underlying problem. 
Now, with v.23, we have an automatic tool to help - automatic telemetry. This is a feature that allows all the needed information to be captured automatically after clicking a simple "Collect Telemetry" button in the main navigation. After enabling the telemetry collection, the user can continue with their normal workflows and in case a problem occurs, we will have all the information already collected for us to be able to find the root cause. 


We are using Big Data technologies and NoSQL databases for the implementation of this new feature. We will be adding more and more telemetry information to the automatic collection with future product releases. 
With this new modern functionality, we expect to become even better in serving our clients' needs. If users have any performance issues, we have an option for them to open a performance ticket following these instructions.
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