Fulfill Invoicing Orders (v. 24)

In version 24, a brand-new fulfillment function was introduced to the Web Client , allowing users to create invoices from their invoice orders in just a few steps.

This function is similar to the already existing Create Invoice function in the respective function navigator that we have in the Desktop client.
When accessing the CRM Invoicing module, you can now take advantage of a dedicated Functions space where the fulfill navigator is located.

It allows you to create an invoice directly through the navigator. This way, you can create one invoice for multiple invoice orders, as long as they are all for the same client. As a result, an invoice will be created for all the quantities in the order lines, that have not yet been invoiced in the selected invoice orders.

The fulfill navigator follows the standard invoice generation process. With its help, you аre able to generate invoices for multiple orders quickly and easily, without the need to do unnecessary manual work! 
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