Web Client Navigator Improvements (v24)

In version 24 of the Web Client, we've made several improvements in terms of how you can access and organize your information, including UI optimization features aimed at optimizing the user experience.

Default view and quick document access

With default sorting by Document Date, finding your most recent documents is easier than ever. To ensure you’re not tied to only one point of access, we’ve included clickable hyperlinks in the first column and quick-access icons in a dedicated System column – both immediately opening the document form of the record you wish to see.

Updated interface

We have revamped the navigator menu and ribbon, switching the position of some buttons and features in order to achieve a more minimalistic and intuitive look. The panel menu has been modified to include grouping and filtering functionalities. Columns and rows can also be interacted with, allowing you to perform several actions on them.

Features in mind

Navigators now feature extensive organization capabilities, making it easier to order and analyze your data based on specific criteria. You can select and export multiple documents as Excel files, perform basic and advanced sorting, divide documents into groups, apply summary functions… and much more!

These updates bring new levels of efficiency and control to the Web Client, helping you manage your company with greater ease and precision.

For more information, please refer to our technical guide.

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