My apps: Calendar (v.22)

The calendar app is the "My apps" frontman. This is not a simple calendar - it's a calendar on steroids. "My Calendar". A sophisticated calendar control.

We will save you the explanation of the usual things that each calendar has. Let's skip to the point.


The main purpose of the calendar. It visualizes all your activities according to the date which they are planned.

Creating new activities directly via the calendar app is also possible.


In the picture above you saw the calendar in monthly view, but sometimes such a long period is not very convenient. You can't see important information, such as when exactly an activity begins and how long it lasts.

OK, you're free to switch to an another supported view. The workweek view. The displayed interval is smaller, but on other hand you can see much more detailed information.


Smart responsiveness

"Responsiveness" is a very common term, which is not a new thing at all, but we added "smart".

Why smart?

Because it doesn't just scale to the size of your screen, but it takes into account how you really could use it, according to the size of your screen. This way you won't see scroll bars, you won't have to zoom, etc.


This is the same calendar in the monthly view, but it looks totally different, doesn't it? Right, because it's opened on mobile. The calendar's toolbar is divided into header and footer, the activities are visible as an agenda- only for the selected day.

This way you have easy access to the same functionality.


Although the "My Timeline" is a separate application, in fact it's the same calendar, but a highly customized one, because of the specific way it presents its data.

"My Timeline" displays not just your activities, but:

  • All your mail messages
  • Created documents
  • Phone calls

Chronologically, 15 days in advance, grouping all events according to their related party.


I am a widget

Last but not least, "My Calendar" is also a widget. You can place it everywhere.




More information is available in our official documentation:


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    Mohamed Rifay

    Does it support integration with Microsoft 365?

  • 0
    Peter Kostov [ERP.NET]

    Тhe calendar itself does not support integration, it just shows your activities. But, on other hand, the activities can be synchronized with Exchange Server (Office 365 still supports the same protocol).


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