Web client main menu improvements (v.23)

In version 23, we've introduced some improvements to the main menu of the Web Client:

1. The types of data you see are now customized in accordance with your user role

For example, warehouse workers can only access the Logistics module, while salespersons and wholesalers are presented with a bigger range of platform features.

Roles determine whether users are able to create a certain order or see some panels.


2. You can decide which panels are visualized for every module. Widgets allow Tiles, Objects, BI and Web panels to be shown or hidden.

With the help of sliders, modules can show or hide a number of specific panels which serve as additional and unique customization of the page.
Among the possible options are web view, BI, different objects, and tiles.


3. The tile for each data type can also be customized – you can choose which document types or sub-tables to be shown.

Sliders have been implemented into the settings so you can display links for the creation of various documents and limit the access to sub entities and related entities.


Stay tuned for more exciting new features!

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