The 'Notes' field in the Sales Order panel of the Sales Order documents has been marked as obsolete and hidden (v.24, breaking change)


Greetings, everyone!

We would like to announce a recent system change.

In the 2024 version, we have made an update to the Sales Order documents in the Sales Order panel. The 'Notes' field has been marked as obsolete and hidden, as it was duplicating the functionality of the universal 'DocumentNotes' field in the Document panel.


What to do if this change affects me?

If you are still using the 'Notes' field in the Sales Order panel, we recommend reaching out to the support team. They can assist you in transferring the data to the universal 'DocumentNotes' field.


Please take a quick look here: Crm.Sales.SalesOrders Entity | Domain Model.

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    Aleksandar Tsvetanov

    I disagree with the statement that these two note fields are the same! Notes in the Sales panel are different from Notes in the Document panel. Currently, Notes in the Document panel are the same as the Notes panel.
    In many cases, we use the Notes field in the Sales panel to enter internal notes, and in the Notes panel, fill in those that will be displayed on the printed forms and visible to customers.

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