Chatter: Now with file upload capability (v.24)

We're thrilled to introduce an exciting enhancement to our chat feature at the integration of file upload capabilities!

In our continuous effort to enhance your user experience, we're bringing you a feature that allows seamless sharing of files directly within your chat conversations.

Starting with version 24, you can attach images, documents, and any sort of files directly in your chat.

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Moreover, each attached file becomes a part of the group's files.

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How to use the file upload feature

Using the file upload feature is intuitive and straightforward. Simply click on the designated "attach" icon within the chat interface, select the file you wish to share from your device, and hit send. Your file will be promptly shared with the recipient, enhancing the overall chat experience.

NOTE: Always accompany with a message in the same input field.

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Of course, we've taken mobile devices into account. You can attach a photo directly by taking a picture with your camera or by selecting one from your gallery.

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Not least, we have full drag & drop support.

Therе are 2 zones, depending on where you drop the file, it will either be sent as a message immediately by the Quick send field or prepared within the message input filed, accompanied by a short written message.

2023-10-06 12_19_27-Drag.jpg

2023-10-06 12_20_30-Window.jpg

Keeping you connected and productive

We are dedicated to delivering features that make your communication experience exceptional. The addition of file upload capabilities to our chat feature is aimed at giving you a platform where communication is efficient, engaging, and comprehensive.

Stay connected, stay productive, and unlock new possibilities with


To ensure we can provide a quality and reliable service, we have imposed several limitations.

  • There's a single file size limit of up to 5 MB.
  • You can upload up to 10 files at once, as part of a single comment.
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