New features in Instance Manager (v24)

In Instance Manager, new tiles have been added: Logs, Database Info, Job Monitor, and Compute Resource where you can view the latest Information Messages, database size, active Job, and the CPU utilization of the APP server.

*Compute Resource tile is available for instances that are hosted on a dedicated server and have a minimum edition license ED03 – Enterprise Standard.



At the same time, new sections have been added to the menu for them:


Displays data from Information Messages, allowing details for each to be viewed.


Table Info

Here, you can view the sizes of the tables in the database, with the option to sort by size or number of rows. This allows for an analysis of which data occupies the most space and which are growing the fastest. As a separate section, you can view the sizes of individual processes in the Information Messages table.

Job Monitor

Here, you can view the active Jobs, activate and deactivate them, inspect their logs, and if necessary, edit them.


Here, you can view the CPU and memory usage for the current instance broken down by the individual ErpNet server and websites processes.


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