How to install EnterpriseOne client

I.                Download file


    1. From section DOWNLOADS download the latest version of EnterpriseOne client.




II.              Install client part of EnterpriseOne®

1. Run EnterpriseOne_XXX.msi file. XXX is the version of EnterpriseOne.

2. Follow the default wizard settings during installation.

III.            Configure application

1. Run the application (an application icon is added to the desktop during installation).

2. Click the three-point button next to the database name.


3. Enter a new line with the server address - copy and paste the address that you received from our agent or partner: 

For example, the address to our test database is -  tcp://


4.  Press "OK". 

5. Enter the User name and Password to access the base.

For example, the credentials for our test database are:

User name: admin

Password: test

6. Click the pointer next to the database name and select the database, that you need to access. (this step is needed only for the first login, after that the last used database will be loaded as a default value).

         For example, the name of our test database is E1_PUBLIC_TEST.



7. Press "Log In".

8. Upon initial identification, the system may initialise an upgrade to the latest version. In this case, a dialogue box will appear on the screen. Please confirm the upgrade and wait a few minutes until it is complete. Then repeat step 5.

9. Still having problems?!? Contact us, we will be glad to help you:


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