Fiscal printers supported by E1 until vestion 2018.2

Here are the fiscal printers that are supported by E1.

1.Fiscal printers that make the connection through COM Port for their direct management by the program:

One option to support fiscal devices through a COM Port connection. It is used in Sales and Invoices for direct print from E1 to a fiscal printer. The use is made by typing in the "Printing a fiscal printer" panels which printer we use and (possibly) some technical information about the printer connection - COM Port, a network address of the device (for some printers), etc.

Here is a list of F1-supported fiscal printer models:

Devices of ISL company:

  • ISL3811.01;

Devices of DATEX company:

  • DP-500;
  • DP500 Plus.


1.COM Port requires a different driver for each device and model; 

2.Fiscal printers that use print through a text file:

The other support option is printing a text file. It works through a utility that is different for each production. It is easier to work with. The principle of work starts with generating an input file in the appropriate text format. It is recorded in the specified work directory of the cash register. The fiscal printer processes the information. If printing is delayed, the user may interrupt the process. After successful printing, the created files are cleared.

Devices supported by Е1:

Devices of ISL company which work with assistance program ISL File Drive:

  • ISL5011-KL;
  • ISL5006-KL;
  • ISL3916-DV;
  • ISL3811.01-DV;
  • ISL3811.02-DV;
  • ISL3940.01-DV;
  • ISL3911-DV;
  • Carat Mobika-KL;
  • ISL5021-KL;
  • ISL5006.01-KL;
  • ISL5008-KL;
  • ISL5006.01-KL;
  • ISL5008.01-KL.

Devices of DATEX company which work with assistance program ISL File Drive: FPrint

  • FP-550;
  • FP-300-02;
  • DP-500;
  • DP-50D-02/DP-50-02;
  • DTT-002DV;
  • MP-55B-02;
  • DP-35KL;
  • MP-55L DV;
  • MP-55M DV;
  • MP-55B DV;
  • DP-500DV;
  • MP-55LD DV;
  • FP-1000-02 DV;
  • DP-50D DV;
  • FP-3530-05 DV;
  • MP-55;
  • FP-550-05 DV;
  • FP-300 DV;
  • FP-60 DV;
  • DP-15KL;
  • DP-25KL;
  • DP-50 DV;
  • FP-60KL;
  • FP-3550/51KL;
  • FP-550-05;
  • MP-500T;
  • MP-500T03;
  • FP-3530;
  • MP-55M-02;
  • MP-50;
  • FP-1000-02;
  • FP-1000KL;
  • DP-55KL;
  • DP-500 PLUS KL;
  • MP-55KL;
  • FP-2000KL;
  • DP-50KL;
  • DP-05KL.

Devices of TREMOL company- all KL devices which work with assistance program Zfpcash

Devices of DAISY company - all fiscal devices which work with assistance program DPrint.

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