Automatic fields population with the help of AI Set (v. 24) keeps working on the edge of new technologies and since AI (Artificial Intelligence) has become a buzzword in the latest months, we add more and more applications of it in our product. AI is more than a futuristic idea, it is already part of our business and everything we do.
AI Set is a new feature in v. 24, which allows you to set a value of an attribute with the result of an AI prompt.
With AI Set, you can create your own business rules for automation and it uses the default AI model to process the prompt. 
For example, it can suggest a short name out of the full name of a product with the help of an AI model in the back. 
Utilizing this new exciting feature you can generate titles, short names, product descriptions and many others in a much easier and simple way.
2023-12-12 AISET - AI action in ERP-net platform - demo.png
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