Inventory Control (v. 24)

In version 24, Inventory Control was implemented into the Web Client as part of the Logistics module. This new inventory management application is designed to speed up and simplify basic operations with store orders, and is perfect for shops and smaller stores.

inventory control 1.png

Workers can scan a product right away or enter its desired quantity in the mobile app first when multiple instances of it need to be reflected. This happens in just a few steps, without the need for any complex procedures. 
inventory control 2.png
Inventory Control is perfect for the following use cases:
Receive – to confirm product quantities as received by a store
Issue – to deduct product quantities from a store 
Transfer – to move product quantities from one store to another 
Scrap – to remove product quantities from a store
Reconcile – to update a store’s available product quantities 
Each operation results in the creation of a document. Inventory Control allows you to define the correct document types from the Settings.
inventory control 3.png
For greater convenience, you can take advantage of readily available barcode templates. Instead of scanning hundreds of product quantities, you can scan the desired quantity first, and then enter the product code.
Managing your store has never been easier! 
To learn more about Inventory Control and how to work with each of its operations, please refer to our technical guide.
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