New ability - chat with AI models (v. 24)

In version 24, as part of our AI adoption initiatives, we are introducing an option to chat with a bot, which is a virtual user, representing the model in the chats. 
We can ask that user a simple question with no context and it will reply. For example, we can ask what the capital of a certain country is. However, it can also keep track of the last 10 messages and can reply based on that collected information. This way, it can take part of discussions and judge, based on its knowledge, on who is right when a group of users is arguing on a topic.
Also, its answers are based on the fine-tuning, provided to it through the AI project.
In your group's Members section, you will be able to add a virtual user and respectively see if there is one already added, they are clearly marked as "virtual".
Try it out for yourself!
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