AI validation (v. 24)

You are already familiar with user business rules as for many of you they have played a crucial role in your business processes. Starting with version 24, these rules are now even more powerful, enhancing your overall experience.

We are adding more and more features in our product, utilizing AI (artificial intelligence) models in the back end. The latest ones we are introducing are AIVALIDATE and AIWARNING, two separate functions with a common implementation, allowing you to validate some fields input in your business rules:
  • AIVALIDATE perform validation using the AI and throws an error upon failure or timeout
  • AIWARNING does exactly the same but only throws a warning upon failure or timeout
Validation can be performed for an IBAN field for example, for whether or not a name appears to be real, or for something completely different:
All the following parameter types can be validated with this new feature:
  • Constant
  • FormattedString
  • Interpolate
The set timeout is for 2000 ms. More information is available in our technical guides for AIVALIDATE and AIWARNING respectively.
This is yet another way for input validation, making the users of the platform more productive and minimizing the human error factor. Try it for yourself today!
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