Introducing Customization Feature for Fiscal Receipts (v. 24)

From version 24 onwards, we are introducing a new feature for customizing fiscal receipts. This is accomplished through the newly introduced Fiscal Receipt Templates. These templates provide the ability to define Custom Header, Custom Row Header, Custom Row Footer, and Custom Footer sections.

In each of these sections, interpolated strings can be specified, which are then arranged across one or more rows.
Learn more about interpolated strings here

Interpolated strings can include text, domain attributes, and system variables available in the sales order. This also includes user-defined calculated attributes, which allow for various calculations of prices, amounts, discounts, and more, all of which are printed on the receipt.

Templates are set in the Document Type definition, under the Printouts panel, where conditions for selecting a template can be specified, similar to standard document printouts.

Here is an example of a receipt with added personalized sections:


Incorporating personalized sections into fiscal receipts provides businesses with greater flexibility in tailoring receipts to their specific needs and requirements. This feature enables businesses to convey relevant information more effectively and enhance the overall customer experience.

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