Use period expressions (v. 24)

In version 24 of the Web Client, you can now specify a variety of period expressions within the date filtering rows in navigators, enabling them to display only records associated with a particular date or a broader time range.

This can be incredibly useful for creating personalized tiles that always show the latest insights into a variety of data you’re interested in, such as yesterday’s offers, all sales for the past week, and all purchase orders for the current month.


You can use period expressions to specify dates and time spans relative to the current one.

These include relative time expressions such as “(yesterday)” and “(today)”, relative period expressions like “-7d” and “(-1m)”, and expressions for large periods like quarters or halves. Additionally, you can fit the results of a table into a custom timeframe, starting from one point of reference and ending in another.

Period expressions allow you to quickly and easily see documents associated with a specific date, month, year, or any custom time interval!

To learn more about each type of period expression, please refer to our technical guide.

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