Using filtering expressions for applicable attributes (v. 24)

In version 24 of the Web Client, you can now specify expressions in the filtering row of navigators, enabling them to quickly and easily display records related to the currently logged-in user, a role, enterprise company, or enterprise company location. 

When saved as tiles, filtering expressions can be applied on a navigator on-demand, keeping you in touch with all the documents you or your company are currently involved with.

The “(current)” filtering expression can make navigators display only documents related to your current enterprise company and/or its location. “(empty)” achieves the opposite effect, allowing records not tied to any predefined data to be listed.

Similarly, the “(me)” filtering expression ensures that only documents related to the user you are currently logged in as will be revealed in the table.

To learn more about these expressions, how they can be combined, as well as their use cases, please refer to our technical guide.

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