WMS Worker: Change warehouse order display format (v.24)

In version 24, users can now see specific information displayed on the first line on each of the Warehouse orders in the WMS Worker.


You can choose what to see about your orders before you even undertake them. This could include details like Date, Order No, Warehouse, Customer, Calculated attribute, Custom property field of your choice or any other related information that fits your business preferences. To determine what will appear on the first line of your WMS Worker orders, you need to change the Key Value in the config option.


Taking a quick glance at your orders now allows you not only to learn more about them, but also to choose which ones to start with right away!


This is what you see in the warehouse orders list:



This is what you see inside a warehouse order:



To learn more about this process, please refer to our Other settings | ERP.net Tech Docs

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