WMS Worker: Improvements in the scanning of quantities (v24)

In version 24 of the Web Client, scanning within the WMS Worker has become easier than ever. Using these new features, you can effortlessly scan a product once or multiple times.

Add quantities in the Scan field

By providing a product code in the Scan field, you now scan one instance of it and automatically skip the mandatory Quantity step.




If you need to scan a product multiple times, you also have the ability to input a quantity multiplier in the Scan field.

Simply provide a number, optionally followed by a multiplication operator "*", to designate how many times your product will be scanned.

In case you add multipliers separately, they will be summed, and the resulting value will determine the number of times your product will be scanned.

See total entered quantity

You can now see the total number of times a product will be scanned.

If you specify 4 quantities of a product first and then add additional 2 later, for example, you can see the summed value (6) of these multipliers below the Scan field. It is possible to add as many numbers as you need to this total quantity tracker until you’re ready to proceed to the product scanning phase.

Note that this additional field appears only when you use multipliers to scan the same product code multiple times.




The final result from scanning line 40 looks like this:


For more information, please visit our technical guide.

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