Inventory control: Continue the last started operation (v24)

In version 24 of the Web Client, users can now easily resume their latest operations in Inventory Control.

If you have exited an operation midway in its completion, simply tap on its shortcut in Inventory Control. This will instantly take you back to where you last made progress.



Initiating a new operation before finishing the previously saved one will trigger a warning, indicating that your previous progress will be lost.


Beware that if you decide to change the language, company or location from the user menu, during the execution of an order, you will be taken to the initial screen, without warning and progress on the current operation.

Regardless of whether you quit an operation by accident or not, the ability to pick it up from where you left off eliminates the need to start it from scratch!

To learn more about this feature, please refer to our technical guide.

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