Renamed namespaces for multiple entities in system (v24, breaking change)

In version 24, we have renamed several entity types, and more precisely, we changed their namespaces. While we understand that this change may be inconvenient, sooner or later, these renamings had to be done.

There was a large number of outdated and illogical names that did not fit the modern program structure. This caused confusion and impacted the overall model of the program, affecting the layout of the web client and complicating the proper processing of their aggregates. As the program evolves, these problems continue to accumulate, making it clear that it is time to make this difficult decision.


To soften the impact, we have taken several measures:


What do you need to do?

Prior the update

As is standard before a major release, it is necessary to check if external applications are working correctly. Here you can read more information about the impact on external applications and recommended actions -

After the update

Тo monitor for a warning bubble for an outdated entity name used in a calculated attribute or user business rule.

If you see any, please open the calculated attribute or user business rule definition, and replace the old entity name with the new one. If you are not sure which is the new name, you can refer to the following link with full information about the old/new names -

Note: This change will not affect functionalities such as BI (external or built-in) and Printouts.


We appreciate your understanding of these necessary improvements to enhance the system's structure and functionality.

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