Managing Entity Access Permissions in the Web Client (v24)

In the past, editing permissions was a task confined to the desktop client. This restriction often posed challenges for users who preferred or needed to work through the web interface. Version 24 changes this paradigm by introducing the ability to edit permissions for different security keys directly through the web client.

The new panel "Access Permissions" in the web client, is now available for all security-enabled entities. This panel mirrors the capabilities of the permission editing form in the desktop client, ensuring consistency and familiarity for users transitioning between platforms.





Domain API Enhancements

Another significant update in version 24 is the ability to create and edit GroupAccessKeys through the Domain API. This enhancement provides developers with more control and flexibility in managing group access, streamlining the process of updating permissions programmatically.

The introduction of a SystemPermissions view in the domain system is another notable addition.

As you explore these new features, consider how they can streamline your workflow and improve your system's security posture.

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