Service Activity - Service: Determining the invoicing quantity

The current article describes how the invoicing quantity is determined when a Sales Order is generated from Service Activity.

Lets say there is a service with the following definition:

- Name: "Installation"

- MU: "hour"

* in the Service Invoicing table there are two products:

1. First product:

- Quantity Of Service: 1

- Product: "Installation" (MU of the product = minutes, Measurement Category = Time, Base MU = hour)

- Quantity Of Product: 1

2. Second invoicing product:

- Quantity Of Service: 1

- Product: "Travel Expenses" (MU of the product = km, Measurement Category = Length, Base MU = m)

- Quantity Of Product: 1000


If a Service Activity is created and the "Installation" service is entered with quantity of 10, then it would generate Sales Order with the following data:

1. Row 1 - Product="Installation" - Quantity = 10 hours - QuantityBase = 10

2. Row 2 - Product "Travel Expenses" - Quantity = 10000m - QuantityBase = 10000

So, the above described service definition, the user sets the following: 1 hour of the service "Installation" is equal to 1 hour of product "Installation" and 1000m (or 1km) of product "Product Expenses".

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