Rules for submitting Bug reports

Mandatory elements: 


1.Title A brief and informative description, including the name of the navigator/document/field/function where the BUG occurs. Example: „Sales Persons: Error displaying the drop-down list of the Person field“
2.BUG description:

A summarised, sequential, and well-structured description, highlighting the key details related to the case.

It is essential to use accurate software terms.

BUG: During the creation of a new entry for " Sales Person," an error is thrown when trying to open the dropdown list of the “Person” field. (Pic 1):

"The specified data filter exceeds the maximum length."

3. Expectation: Specifies the specific outcome expected. Example: I expect no error to be thrown, and the dropdown list to open successfully.

Provide the following information:

Database name

Company and branch

Program version

Desktop or WEB Client

Type and version of the operating system 


Recreation in the database E1_XXXXX, Company "............" AD, Branch ".............," version 2023 SP ........ – Desktop client

Operating system: Windows 11 Enterprise

Operating system version: 22H2

5. Recreation

A simple and concrete recreation of the BUG, focusing on the difficulty. Specify precise, sequential steps in recreating the issue, including specific nomenclatures and document numbers.

!!!It is highly recommended to recreate the BUG in a public test database whenever possible.

If additional investigation is required on our part, the time spent on checking and investigating will be charged. Fixing the actual BUG is a free service. 


From the Main menu, go to Customers > Sales > Sales Persons Navigator > select "Create New Sales Persons."


Click on the dropdown list in the "Person" field (Pic 1).


=> аn error occurs:


„The specified data filter exceeds the maximum length.“

6.Images and Files:

The inclusion of images (in JPG format) that precisely and specifically visualize the BUG is of crucial importance and is mandatory.

Attach Word or Excel files containing:

System errors

Server statistics

Client statistics

API request, etc.

7.Additional Information:

Additional explanatory information regarding the BUG.

State the number and names of affected documents or nomenclatures.

It is essential to clarify the scope of the issue:

-Number of affected users



*The problem occurs when there are more than ......... records for active subjects in the "Persons" nomenclature.


*The only successful way to select a subject in the "Merchant" nomenclature for the "Person" field is through the "Navigator Selection" option.


*The same behavior is observed in the Activity, in the "Participants in Activity" panel, when trying to open the dropdown list of the "Participant" field.


*This BUG affects the following clients/users: .................


Public test databases:


Presenting only the outcome of the encountered difficulty is considered incomplete information and assumes additional investigation on our part.

If the problem is related to API applications or calculated attributes, provide a specific API request or simplified attributes with multiple operators and a maximum of two attributes if it is necessary to describe the relationship between attributes.


Please note that providing entire API applications or attributes with complex logic is not part of the bug-solving


!!!User logic analysis is a paid service.


Additional guidelines for describing the BUG:

-When creating a document: attach the document number, the error message, and explain why you believe the message is incorrect;

-With a navigator: attach the filters used and explain why you consider the data to be incorrect;

-With speed: record the time when the action occurs and specify the reasonable time for it to happen;

-With calculated attributes: reduce the problem to the simplest attribute where the issue arises and include the (preferably in text form) definition of the attribute;

-With an API request: attach the request itself.

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