Fiscal devices supported by EnterpriseOne POS from 2019.1 version

EnterpiseOne POS supports all fiscal devices which are managed by ErpNet.FP library


Currently supported protocols and devices are:

  • Protocol bg.dt.c.isl - Datecs WP-50, Datecs DP-05, Datecs DP-05B, Datecs DP-05C, Datecs DP-25, Datecs DP-35, Datecs DP-150, Datecs DP-15
  • Protocol bg.dt.p.isl - Datecs FP-650, Datecs FP-800, Datecs FP-2000, Datecs FMP-10, Datecs SK1-21F, Datecs SK1-31F

  • Protocol bg.dt.x.isl - Datecs DP-25X, Datecs FMP-350X, Datecs FP-700X, Datecs WP-500X, Datecs FMP-55X, Datecs WP-50X, Datecs FP-700X, Datecs DP-150X, Datecs WP-25X, Datecs FP-700XE

  • Protocol bg.zk.zfp - Tremol A19Plus, Tremol S21, Tremol M23, Tremol M20, Tremol FP15, Tremol SB, Tremol S25, Tremol FP24

  • Protocol bg.zk.v2.zfp - Tremol Z-KL-V2, Tremol ZM-KL-V2, Tremol ZS-KL-V2, Tremol FP01-KL V2, Tremol FP05-KL V2, Tremol M-KL-V2, Tremol S-KL-V2, Tremol FP15 KL V2, Tremol FP03-KL V2, Tremol FP07-KL V2, Tremol FP01, Tremol FP21

  • Protocol bg.ed.isl - Eltrade A1 KL, Eltrade A1 KL, Eltrade A3 KL, Eltrade B1 KL, Eltrade PRP 250F KL, Eltrade A6 KL, Eltrade B3 KL, EPSON TM - T810F KL модел 01, EPSON TM - T81F KL модел 03, ELTRADE PRP 250F KL

  • Protocol bg.dy.isl - Daisy Compact S, Daisy Compact M, Daisy eXpert SX 01, Daisy eXpert SX, Daisy Compact M 02, Daisy Compact S 01, Daisy Perfect M 01, Daisy MICRO C 01, Daisy Compact M 01, Daisy eXpert 01, Daisy Perfect S 01, Daisy FX 1300, Daisy FX 1200C, Daisy Perfect SA, Daisy FX 21 01

  • Protocol - Incotex 133 KL-Q, Incotex 181 KL-Q, Incotex 777, Incotex 300SM KL-Q, Incotex 300S KL-Q

  • Protocol - ISL5011S-KL



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