The New Setup Is Now Per-User (v. 2020.1)

Starting with v.2020.1, EnterpriseOne (now named " Desktop Client") will install in the user folder. The default folder is:

C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Local\ Desktop

Installing to the user folder has some advantages and disadvantages.


  • The most important advantage is that it no longer requires administrative privileges to install. 
  • The setup is MUCH faster. It is between 10 and 50 seconds, depending on computer speed.
  • Much simpler update process. Because admin privileges are no longer required, the update is simply installation of the next version. There is no longer a dedicated Auto-Update service.
  • The probability of anti-virus apps recognizing the setup as malicious program is now minimal.
  • Shortcuts will now be valid even after program update.
  • Each user can have different version of the desktop client and will have separate update process.


  • For multi-user environments (like Terminal Server), the Desktop Client is now required to be setup by each user. The setup for each user takes around 350 MB disk space.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to upgrade from the old, machine-wide setup, to the new, per-user setup. Even in the best case scenario, for multi-user environments, only the first upgrading user will get auto-update and the others should manually install the desktop client. We are still actively seeking ways to improve the auto-update experience between v.2019.1 and v.20201.

On the bright side, now the desktop client setup is freely available at the home page of the database. Just type the address of your database ( and simply download the desktop client. It will auto-install and immediately start the desktop client.

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