Start Screen Can Now Be The Default Start Screen (2020.1)

In v.2020.1, the "Start Screen" form can now be activated to be actual the start screen. For several versions, the Start Screen form was in beta stage and could only be started from the File menu. Now, the form is finally in RTM and can be used as the default start screen for the users.


Note: This is a pre-production image and is not representative of the final version of the Start Screen form.



The start screen can be activated in two ways:

(A) Per-user

Each user can go to their File/Settings menu and activate the "Use Start Screen" option. This will activate the start screen for each future login for this user.

(A) As a database-wide policy

Using the config option "UseStartScreenPolicy", the system administrators can specify whether the users should use the start screen:

1 - The Start Screen will be a starting form for all users, regardless of their settings.

2 - The Main Menu will be a starting form for all users, regardless of their settings.

0 / NULL/ other/not specified (default) - Each user decides whether they want to use the start screen, depending on the File/Settings option.


The start screen is screen form as any other form. It can have a per-user or system-wide layout. The normal layout rules apply.

It is suggested that the system admins first apply layouts for the Start Screen to all users before activating UseStartScreenPolicy=1.


In 2020.1, the Start Screen has a number of enhancements. Some (but not all of them) are:

- It can now show Business Intelligence data

- There is an easy way to switch between the Main Menu and the Start Screen.

- The tile buttons can now open forms in a specific layout

- The tile buttons can now be set up to create new documents and definitions

- Many bug fixes, etc.

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