Step-by-step alert system when using an obsolete generation procedure or "Why am I constantly seeing pop-ups for an obsolete procedure?"

In version 2018.2, we have introduced a new, step-by-step alert system for cases where an obsolete generation procedure is used. This allows customers and consultants to be informed in a timely manner that a new generation is available and have time to respond adequately before the Date of suspension of the obsolete procedure.

Generally, generation procedures go through 5 stages of the lifetime - NEW, ACTIVE, AGEING, OBSOLETE and DEAD. For every Generation Procedure that enters the stage of AGEING is scheduled a Date of Suspension on which date the Generation Procedure will be discontinued and could no longer be used. The date is added in the obsolete procedure's name e.g. "To be deleted: 9.2021". As a result of this date, are defined three periods in which the software will inform users accordingly.

For more information about the Generation Procedures Lifetime Stages and detailed description of the step-by-step alert system, please visit the following link - .

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