Desktop Client Now Uses Direct-X Hardware Acceleration (v.2020.1)

Starting with v.2020, the ErpNet Desktop Client now uses Direct-X hardware acceleration for drawing the user interface. With this change, computers with better video cards might be able to draw the UI in a more responsive manner.

On resolutions below Full HD (1920x1080) the difference in the drawing speed might not sensible. However, for 4K (and above) resolutions, hardware acceleration is a must for responsive UI.

To get a sense of the speed improvement, load many rows in a Navigator and just scroll up and down fast.

In Windows 10 and above, you can also use Task Manager to view the graphics card load.

NOTE: There is no need to do anything. The hardware acceleration for v.2020 is enabled by default.

NOTE 2: We are in a process of fixing many small bugs related to the hardware acceleration. If you experience missing UI elements - texts or effects not shown any more (which were previously showing), please report the bug.

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