Desktop Client Supports Only HTTPS protocol - Act Now! (v.2020.1)


Starting with v.2020.1, the ErpNet Desktop Client supports only HTTPS communication protocol. This means, that if your desktop client is set to use other protocols, after upgrade to v.2020 it will stop working!

Act Now

Since the auto-upgrade to v.2020.1 might cause your desktop client to stop working, it is necessary to act immediately! 


What Needs To Be Done?

v.2019.1 also supports HTTPS. It is actually the recommended protocol. It is much more stable, secure and fast, especially for weak Internet connections.

Specifying the client to use HTTPS is done by NOT specifying any protocol. Removing protocol/port ensures that future protocol changes will no longer bother you. The required change is very simple. Just follow these steps:

1. Remove the protocol from the connection string

For example if your connection string starts with:

  • tcp://
  • http://
  • https://

just remove these characters.

2. Remove the port

If your connection string ends with something like:

  • :30031
  • :20031

just remove these characters.

For example, "tcp://" should become just "".

3. Make sure you use ""

Finally, if your connection string is something different from "", please ask your system administrator for your unique database name and use it. For example, if your unique database name is "mycompany", then the connection string should be:


Using ensures that you are safe for any future relocations of the server address of your database!


Where To Find The Connection String?

This screenshot shows where you can find the connection string, which is setup for your workstation. It is located in the form, which opens by pressing the "..." button in the Database field on the login screen:



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