Client Center Is No Longer Beta (v.2020.1)

Starting with v.2020.1, Client Center (CC) is now RTM and can be used in production. The whole web application has been thoroughly improved and numerous bugs were fixed. It can now be used in production. All clients are suggested to take a 3-month trial of the Client Center.

CC allows your clients to:

- Browse Order History

- Browse, Print and Download Invoices

- View Due Payments

Soon, there will be entirely new functionality. The clients will be able to place new orders directly from the CC. This would allow serving many B2B scenarios.

Other planned (release date is still unknown) functionalities include the integration of the new Social Interactions. This would allows simple Post/Comments/Reply chat functionality directly in the CC. The social interactions would allow quick and effective servicing of common client requests for invoices, product inquiries, complaints status requests, etc.

Home Screen



Due Payments


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