Printing an article group name when using a Print on fiscal printer from Invoice

Until Version 2018.2 SP4 (inclusive), the printing on a fiscal printer from the Invoice prints a cash receipt with one line labelled "Amount". Unfortunately, this does not fully meet the requirements of the law where it is said that there must be an article name or group of articles.

In order to meet this requirement in version 2018.2 SP5 we provide a possibility for users to define the name of the group of items they sell.

For this purpose, we changed the way the text is determined when using single-line printing of a fiscal printer from Invoices. Now the description is determined for the line using the following algorithm:

  1. Take the product from the first line of the Invoice (sorted ascending by line number).
  2. Take the product group of this product.
  3. Find its root group. Ie. take the parent of the parent, and so on. until the root group is found.
  4. Print the name of this root group.

The name of this product group is submitted as a description (text) of the line that is submitted to the fiscal printer.

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