Login ERP.net Desktop Client multiple users

As most of you may know, the login in ERP.net Desktop Client since 2020.1 is already happening through our new web client.

However, when using browsers, there is one peculiarity. If we have already logged in to our account on a given page and the browser has not been closed yet, then when we enter the page again – it is automatically loaded into the account in which we have already logged in.

The same thing happens if we simply start a second instance of the ERP.net Desktop Client, we will be automatically logged into the same database and account.


We know that logging into the program with multiple users is extremely important for some clients, super users, and consultants, so we have developed a way to keep this possible.

For this purpose it is necessary:

  1. To create an additional shortcut to start the program. This can be done simply by copying the existing shortcut that is already created on our desktop.
  1. Right-click on the new shortcut icon => Properties => Target and add a text (parameter) with the following format " --user-data-dir=User2"

Example: "C:\Users\t.hristozova\AppData\Local\ERP.net Desktop Client\ErpNet.WinClient.exe" --user-data-dir=User2



This way, if we've already opened the program using one of the shortcuts and we start it again from the additional shortcut - will be opened with a new login window which we can use to log in with another user or even into a different database.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Different users still use the same installation of the program. This means that the information about the last used database and user will be shared (the same) for both shortcuts.

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