New Job Execution System (v.2020.1)

In 2020.1 we are introducing a new Job execution system. Оnce set, the Jobs are automatically executed when in non-busy hours without requiring any user interaction.

What can you do with it? The truth is that the possibilities are infinite.

We tried to think about the most used scenarios and for 2020.1 we've created 4 different types of jobs:

  • Document State Change
  • Run Postponed Event
  • Delete Old Print Images
  • Delete Old Notifications

We hope that the job types we've developed will be really useful for your companies, but this is just the begging! If you are not seeing a job which you wish was оn this list - don't be disappointed. Please share your idea in the "Feature Request" sections and if it attracts enough support (votes, literally) it will be included in the next versions. 


You can find more information about Jobs in our documentation:

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