New Visual Style (v.2020.1)

Version 2020.1 of Desktop Client has a completely revamped visual style:


The new visual style is created almost completely based on vector-style graphics. This allows it to render properly on modern high-res displays. The main menu utilizes a line work icons for the menu options, which enhance the options meaning:


The forms feature a meaningful and well organized colorful icons in the ribbon:


The action icons are designed and organized in a way, which allows the user to "instinctively" click the desired action. The ribbon is not only re-styled, it was re-organized to streamline the user effectiveness:


The data panels have been simplified with many borders and lines removed. The scroll-bars are now showed only when they are needed:


Although the old styles are still available, we highly recommend using only the Hires/Vector styles:

Office 2019 Colorful

Office 2019 White

Office 2019 Dark Grey

Office 2019 Black

The Bezier




The login is now web-based and shown within the integrated web browser. The web based login is the basis of the new security model, based on OAuth:


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