2020-09-23 Version 2020 RTM is here!

Version 2020 RTM is already here!

We are starting with the installation of the new version. The update to Version 2020 RTM of the first customers is planned for tonight (September 23, 2020) at 22:30.


Highlights that are described in the blog posts and were addressed at the partners meeting introducing the new version are:

* 2020 supports only the https protocol - all customers must use the individual address made for their company e.g. "mycompany.my.erp.net";

* external applications that use the REST API must be redirected to the address "restdev2020.erp.bg";

* to work with POS it is necessary to install the latest version of ErpNet.FP;

* it is recommended to have Microsoft Edge Browser installed on all machines;

* the automatic upgrade will install 2020, but will not uninstall 2019.1. Uninstallation must be done manually. It doesn't have to be done right after the upgrade. 2020 can also be used while 2019.1 is installed.


If there are problems with the automatic upgrade, the client installation file can be downloaded directly from the "my.erp.net" site of the specific client. Eg. https://mycompany.my.erp.net/


We remain available for further questions and assistance.

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