Full Domain Model documentation is now available online

The full Domain Model documentation is now available online at a temporary address:




We are in a process of rewriting our whole documentation and transforming it into an open-source project. Once we are ready, erpnetdocs.github.io will become the new docs.erp.net.


What is the Domain Model?

The Domain Model is the object-oriented domain model of an ERP.net Instance. For example, you can see the full documentation of the domain model of a Sales Order here:



This is a reference documentation of the domain model of the entities. To find out more about concepts, how-tos, etc., consult the main technical documentation at:



What's new in this reference documentation?

The new documentation is our best reference documentation so far. Its features include:


What's new about Enum values?

The new doc contains the Enum values for different access scenarios:

  • Domain API
  • Domain Library / Calculated Attributes
  • Database Value / Table API

In the past, the different enum values were a source of confusion when using the different access scenarios. We hope that the new docs will help to alleviate the problem.

For example, see:



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