New Table API allows easy integration of external BI tools (v.22)

Business Intelligence data source

The new Table API is designed to be consumed as a data source for external BI (Business Intelligence) products like PowerBI. The Table API conforms to the OData specification and can be easily used as data source in most BI platforms.

With the availability of the Table API, this becomes the recommended way of quickly transferring large amounts of data to external BI systems.

Streaming data

The API is designed as fast-forward data streaming instrument, allowing the transfer of millions of rows. Each request is limited to 1 billion (1,000,000,000) rows. This is more than enough for most BI scenarios. If more than 1 billion rows need to be transferred, the client application must use the OData $top and $skip options to request the data by frames.

Usage as a backup instrument

The API can also be used as data-dumping instrument, allowing external backup/dumping of data.


The access to the Table API is subject to the usual row-level user permissions. Only the rows, to which the user has access are returned.

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