New Track Changes System in 2019.1

Starting with v.2019.1, EnterpriseOne will have a brand new change tracking system.

The "Track Changes" (TC) system will eventually replace the old system - "Version History" (VH). 

In the meantime, VH will remain functional and accessible, but will eventually be deprecated. Plan any future work to use the new TC system.

TC is much more versatile than VH. Also, TC is designed to be useful in many more scenarios, including:

  • Synchronization scenarios: External apps will be able to query for changed objects since specified timestamp for *all* data tables.
  • Attribute version history: Each data attribute can have version history. The users can easily preview changes to specific data attributes.
  • Lightweight to heavyweight tracking: The system is configurable and can have different tracking levels, depending on the unique user needs.

For more information, see the documentation.

Screenshot, showing the auto-created Extensible Data Object (EDO) for the tracked object and few object and attribute changes:


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