Updates can be postponed up to 1 (one) month

Updates to shared servers

In a cloud environment, most ERP.net clients are serviced by shared servers. Shared servers are updated to new versions regularly, according to an internal schedule. 

New versions are installed after 22:30, according to the time zone of the server.

Manual postponement of an update

Clients with private servers receive notification at least 2 (two) days before an update to new major version is scheduled and have the option to postpone the update. The updates can be postponed only once and for maximum 1 (one) month.

Manual postponement is a critical security procedure and cannot be regularly activated. Non-updated servers pose security and maintenance risks.

To postpone a planned update, open a support ticket. Do not answer the notification email, as it can be automated and from a non-reply address.

Choose your own update cadence

Customers with private servers can choose their own update cadence. The cadence regulates how soon the tenant will get updated after a new update is released. Currently, we support the following update cadences:

  • Early adopter
  • Standard
  • Late

Be default, all new customers are signed at the "Standard" level. To change your update cadence level, you can open a new support ticket.

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