2021-04-16 Problems starting ERP.net Desktop Client after recent update to Microsoft Edge

A recent update of Microsoft Edge (to v.90.0.818.39) broke the login screen of ERP.net Desktop Client. When the users try to login, they receive the following message:

Failed to create webview environment. Result: -2147024894


We are working hard to fix the problem.


Temporary workaround

In case you are affected by the problem, do one of the following:

a) Start CMD.EXE and run the following:

ren "%LocalAppData%\ERP.net Desktop Client\native" "_native"


b) Download and run the following .bat file:



In case you are using the POS client

In case you are using the "EnterpriseOne POS" client, your only option is to download and run the .bat file, linked above.


In case you are using a server OS

In case you are using a server operating system (like Windows Terminal Server), it might be required to execute another step. For more details, visit:


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