Option To Choose Document Versioning System (2019.1)

In v.2019.1, we have introduced a new option, which allows you to choose which versioning system you want to use for storing the document versions.

The old system is called "Version History" (VH). The new system is "Track Changes" (TC). For more information about the track changes system and comparison with the old system, see this blog post.

If you do not configure the new option, for version 19.1, the default is still the old system: VH. For version 2020.1 and beyond, the default is TC. This means, that for databases, which has not specified the option, starting with v.2020.1, the document versioning system will automatically change to TC.

If you want to test the new system in 2019.1, configure the option to TC.

If you want to retain the old system even after 2020.1, configure the option to VH.

For more information about the option, see this help topic (key 42).


The VH system works synchronously and while it is fast, it still takes around 80 ms for *each* document. For long document chains (with lots of sub-documents), this can pile up even for single document state change. Especially for performance sensitive business functions, like POS environments.

The TC system works *mostly* asynchronously and hence, it has the potential to speed things up a bit. For POS environments, It is advised to switch to TC immediately after moving to 2019.1.

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