Balance fields added to accounting reports (v.22)

The following balance fields were already available in the Summed Trial Balance and the Trial Balance accounting reports:

  • Open balance Debit
  • Open balance Debit (base currency)
  • Open balance Credit
  • Open balance Credit (base currency)
  • Close balance Debit
  • Close balance Debit (base currency)
  • Close balance Credit
  • Close balance Credit (base currency)



Based on clients' input, we added these same balance fields to the following reports as well:

  • Summed General Ledger
  • General Ledger
  • Chronological Statement 
  • Correspondant Chronology

In the Summed General Ledger and the General Ledger reports, a Why? field action has been added for the new fields. When selected, it shows detailed transactions summary.




We are aiming to make these reports easier to work with in the 22 version by adding these balance fields. Feel free to give us your feedback!

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