Azure authentication supports Azure as an authentication provider. There are a couple of Azure and settings that should be configured for this authentication method to work.



Azure settings

1. Log into your Azure subscription via

2. Manage Azure Active Directory.

3. Register your application with your Azure Active Directory tenant by clicking App registrations -> Register an application.


4. Enter the required details. You can use anything for the name (for example: Identity Server). Leave “Accounts in this organization directory only” checked.

5. Click on Authentication.

6. In the Redirect URI field enter the callback path configured in IdentityServer4 for Azure AD auth.
This will be https://<UIN> where:

  • <UIN> is the unique instance name
  • /id is the relative path of the ID site
  • /signin-aad is the endpoint responsible for AZURE AD redirects (/signin-aad is constant for all databases)

7. Check the ID tokens checkbox.

8. Make a note of your Application (client) ID and Directory (tenant) ID values - they should be copied in the corresponding fields in the Sec_Domain_Providers table. settings

1. In the "Setup / Security / Domains" section a "Domain providers" record should be created.
There is a default domain in the databases and the Azure record should be added there.


2. The users are referenced by their email:


3. There should be a license SEC01 - Security - Sign in with Azure AD

4. The ID site must be restarted for the settings to take effect.
The site can be restarted through the Instance Manager:


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get back to us.

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