My apps 1.0 – Personalized experience (v.22)

My apps is a one of the brand new things in our new and shiny web client, introduced in v2022.

In short, this is a collection of standalone web applications, separated in own menu section.


Do you remember the START tab for Desktop Client? Roughly, it's something like that, but the similarities end here. The key point is in the title- "...Personalized experience".

They are everywhere

Each app can be visualized not only as a standalone one, but also in an external context. What does "external context" actually mean? It means "everywhere". Yes, you can literally put any app on any page in the web client you want.

What about a calendar in a sales order?


Or notifications and a timeline in your activities navigator?


This is how my apps behave like "widgets". In fact, it's the most accurate name.

I am a widget

And because they are widgets, they have their own section in the list of panels. Yes, in any form


They are smart

Widgets are not just solid pieces that you can visualize here and there. They are much more. They are smart. They take into account exactly where are displayed and show only relevant content.

Take a look at the picture,


You see My Tiles app in its generic view. I.e., it doesn't have a specific context and therefore shows everything it has.

What do you think will happen if you "plug" the same app as a widget in the customers navigator? Yes, it will only show relevant content.



The widgets used in the examples above were:


More information is available in our official documentation:


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