Social ERP 2.0 (v.22)

At a time when social networks are a key factor in communication between us, we decided to adopt such a concept and integrate it into

In short, Social ERP means a concept that helps you focusing your attention on what matters now. To you.

Let's give an example with something that is certainly familiar. Facebook- one of the most popular social networks. What happens if someone mentions you in a comment to a post? And what if you "follow" a page or a specific post? Or if someone liked your post or comment?

You will be notified. Because it concerns you.

It's the same in We have adopted the well-known practices of social networks in your business processes.


The chatter has a key role in the concept of "socialization". It's actually a chat, but in a specific context. For example, this can be a document or a specific object as a product, customer, etc...


Mentions & notifications

Additionally, the chatter has a convenient feature. Mentions. If you want to get someone involved in a discussion, just mention it. E.g.,

  • @John Doe
  • @Jane Smith
  • etc..


Accordingly, the "mentioned" user will be notified immediately.


Social follows

Our social concept doesn't end with just being notified when you're mentioned in a chat. It's much deeper- actually, mentioning you in a chat leads to the creation of one social follow. This social follow is a "special" link between you and the object in whose context you're mentioned. In short, you are following objects and because of these follows, you are receiving notifications.

Of course you don't have to wait to be mentioned to start following an object. You can do this manually. Just open the object you want to follow (e.g., a document, a product, customer, etc...)  and click on the star at the top right corner.



My Objects

We also have a separate app that takes care to display all your notifications for your follows at once.


Showing the number of your new notifications, each tile is a specific object that you follow. It will always be displayed until you stop following it.

Another cool thing is that you can show "My Objects" in each form you want. As a widget panel.  And because our widgets are smart, you will see only the tiles (i.e. the object follows) which matter to the related context.




More information is available in our official documentation:

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