My apps: Tiles (v.22)

"My Tiles" is one of our top usable apps. Especially as a widget.

Its goal is pretty simple- to count. Imagine you want to see what's the exact number of items in different navigators. E.g., how many customers do you have or how many products, service activities, etc.

Honestly, this doesn't seem to have much practical value, but what if the navigator filters are also supported? Let's give the above example again, but a little changed - how many customers do you have this year; how many featured products; the number of service activities this month for a specific customer? Now that's another thing. Don't you think it will come in handy?


Fully manageable by you

You create them - just go to a navigator, apply a filter if you want, hit the "Create a new tile" button.

You specify the caption for each tile.

You can delete them when you no longer need them.

Context, Context, Context

One of the most important things about "My Tiles" is that when you add them as a widget, they will show only the tiles that are relevant. See the picture below. The namespace "CRM -> Common" is opened. If you take a look at the intro picture, you will see that only the three customer tiles are related to "CRM/Common". And here they are.


It's also possible to plug the tiles app to a navigator form.



More information is available in our official documentation:

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